Decentralized, Super Fast, Low-cost, A fair, transparent and energy-efficient public blockchain.

What is EcoBall ?

EcoBall uses a Vote Proof of Stake algorithm implemented as a decentr alized
autonomous organization.
Providing secure, efficient, convenient and low-cost DEFI application platform;
Fully compatible with EVM, seamless migration of DEFI ecological applications;
Lower transaction costs and a better user experience;
Native integration cross-chain protocol.

Why EcoBall ?

Vote Proof of Stake

Vote Proof of Stake (VPOS) extends the POS model to allow additional individuals to stake their tokens on potential validators (candidates), without participating in block production themselves. Candidates who collect a higher percentage of tokens have greater odds of becoming validators on the network. Rewards are then divided amongst the validators and the staking entities (Voters).

Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

DAO is a smart contract algorithm.All financial transactions, rules, and decisions are enacted and stored on the blockchain, creating a transparent and verifiable record. Rules are initially set forth in smart contracts, and members (participating token holders) interact according to these regulations to further the goals of the organization.

Ultra-low handling fee and ultra-high TPS

VPOSDAO verifies transactions and confirms transactions with high speed, low cost and high efficiency. Compared with the expensive gas cost of Ethereum, the gas cost of EcoBall is almost negligible. TPS can reach 100000+.

High security and scalability

The VPOSDAO algorithm is used to effectively prevent various attacks. Please refer to the technical documentation for details. Excellent low-level technical architecture design, with strong scalability, easy to build upper-level applications.

Native support for cross-chain protocols

It natively supports cross-chain, and is committed to connecting all assets in the blockchain world, so that everyone can enjoy a free, efficient and smooth transaction experience.

Compatible with Ethereum and ecological applications

Fully compatible with Ethereum EVM, support for Solidity writing smart contracts, support for issuing digital assets, support for various Defi applications. Provides a friendly programming interface to seamlessly migrate EVM-compatible DEFI applications to EcoBall.

How to EcoBall?

For validator

A validator runs a node that verifies transactions and finalizes blocks on the EcoBall chain. Each validator must provide the minimum ECO collateral (500K ECO) into their pool and setup a functional node to participate. They start as candidates, and have the chance to become validators each 24h when a new validator set is chosen.

For developers

Developers can build a variety of applications, including physical industry applications, DeFi applications, and more. Due to full EVM compatibility, a variety of EVM-enabled applications can be migrated smoothly. Refer to the development documentation for more information.

For voters

A voter is a ECO holder who places ECO in a validator candidates pool.If that candidate becomes a validator, the delegator also receives rewards. By placing ECO, voters vote on the candidates they think will make the best validators. Each voter must vote at least 5000ECO.

For business users

Enterprise users are focused on how to build applications on the blockchain, transform their business models and gain a leading market advantage. For more information, see Industry Solutions.

EcoBall technical architecture

Decentralized Autonomous Organization(DAO)
DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). It is designed to provide a decentralized, fair, and energy efficient consensus for public chains. The algorithm works as a set of smart contracts written in Solidity.
Voting Proof of Rights and Interests (VPOS)
Voting Proof of Stake (VPOS) verifies transaction generation blocks, improves transaction verification efficiency, shortens block generation time, and improves overall TPS. In response to the problems of the VPoS consensus mechanism, special optimization and treatment have been carried out to avoid behaviors that damage the system.
Smart contract platform
Smart contracts automatically process business logic on the blockchain, which can effectively reduce the cost of trust. Promote the development of a new generation of business models, and provide important technical support for human beings to enter the intelligent era.
DAPP development
Decentralized application platform hosting decentralized applications, including the current popular DEFI. Provide a variety of programming interfaces, including RESTful APIs and mainstream programming language SDK.

ECO Token

ECO is a native token on the EcoBall chain and provides a mechanism for validators on the protection chain to receive VPOS incentives, which has extremely market-driven value.

The vote to support the candidate for successful validator and get rewards.

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New Validator Process Flow

New Validator Process Flow Validators are responsible for securing the EcoBall chain.

Validator responsibilities include maintaining a functional node with constant uptime, providing ECO as collateral, and providing decentralization to the protocol.

In exchange for this service, validators receive block rewards and transaction fees.

To become a new validator, candidates must complete a series of steps.

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Mining course

Mobile Wallet Download

Mobile wallets only include assets management functions, which are used by users to query assets balances,
transfer and receive assets, and query wallet transactions.



FAMM decentralized exchange

Automatic market maker mechanism

Participate in the liquidity mining of DeFi projects

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