A Safe, Efficient And Open Blockchain Operating System

What is EcoBall ?

EcoBall is the first public blockchain using POU elastic consensus mechanism;
Providing secure, efficient, convenient and low-cost DEFI application platform;
Fully compatible with EVM, seamless migration of DEFI ecological applications;
Lower transaction costs and a better user experience;
Native integration cross-chain protocol.

Why EcoBall ?

Balance fairness and efficiency

POU elastic consensus is adopted, and the core is GPOW + XPOS hybrid consensus mechanism. GPoW is fairer, more decentralized, more accessible and safer. XPOS improves the efficiency of transaction processing, and the TPS can reach about 5000, basically meeting the commercial requirements.

Lower barriers to participation

GPOW miners use graphics card for mining, compatible with professional graphics card miners and ordinary home computers. Run mining software for mining, and produce native digital token ECO. Support the current mainstream graphics card mining pool, suitable for miners who cannot configure hardware mining equipment to participate.

Very low transaction fees

XPOS consensus mechanism to validate and confirm transactions, fast, low cost, high efficiency. Compared to Ethereum's expensive gas, Ecocall's gas is negligible.

High security and scalability

The unique block generation mechanism is used to effectively avoid various attacks in pure PoW and pure PoS. Excellent design of the underlying technical architecture, with strong expansibility, easy to build the upper application.

Native support for cross-chain protocols

Native support for a variety of mainstream blockchain cross-chain protocols, easy to achieve cross-chain transfer of assets. The rapid circulation of digital assets of different blockchains promotes the prosperity of the EcoBall blockchain ecosystem.

Compatible with Ethereum and ecological applications

Fully compatible with Ethereum EVM, support for Solidity writing smart contracts, support for issuing digital assets, support for various Defi applications. Provides a friendly programming interface to seamlessly migrate EVM-compatible DEFI applications to EcoBall.

How to EcoBall?

For miners

There are two main types of miners, one is GPOW miners and the other is XPOS miners. GPOW miners need to be equipped with graphics card miners to participate in mining, maintain network security and generate income. XPOS miners, also known as validation nodes, perform transaction validation, generate blocks, and generate revenue. For more information, see Mining topics.

For developers

Developers can build a variety of applications, including physical industry applications, DeFi applications, and more. Due to full EVM compatibility, a variety of EVM-enabled applications can be migrated smoothly. Refer to the development documentation for more information.

For investors

The original token, ECO, is already online on the exchange, where investors can buy it. If you want to hold it for a long time, it is best to put it into your EcoBall wallet from the exchange. You can download it from the Wallet channel.

For business users

Enterprise users are focused on how to build applications on the blockchain, transform their business models and gain a leading market advantage. For more information, see Industry Solutions.

EcoBall technical architecture

GPoW consensus mechanism
The GPOW consensus mechanism is derived from the ProgPOW algorithm with necessary modifications. The utilization rate of GPU is improved as much as possible, and it is specially optimized for mainstream graphics cards.
XPoS consensus mechanism
XPOS consensus mechanism validates transaction generated blocks, improves transaction validation efficiency, shortens block generation time, and improves overall TPS. In view of the problems existing in the POS consensus mechanism, special optimization and treatment are carried out to avoid the behavior that damages the system.
Smart contract platform
Smart contracts automatically process business logic on the blockchain, which can effectively reduce the cost of trust. Promote the development of a new generation of business models, and provide important technical support for human beings to enter the intelligent era.
DAPP development
Decentralized application platform hosting decentralized applications, including the current popular DEFI. Provide a variety of programming interfaces, including RESTful APIs and mainstream programming language SDK.

Mining software download

Mining software supports major operating systems.

Use graphics card to mine.All mining machines that support graphics card mining can be used.

Ordinary home computers can also be used.

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Mining course

Recommended miner configuration

CPU: Normal CPU is fine.

Hard disk: No special hard disk is required. Choose a 64GB SSD.

Graphics card: try to choose a higher rate of return graphics card. Either an NVIDIA graphics card or an AMD graphics card works.

Motherboard: Choose a multi-slot motherboard with 6 ~ 8 PCIe slots, no more than 8 slots is recommended, or select a special direct-plug motherboard.

Power supply: Power supply is very important, the main consideration is stability and power consumption.

See the mining topic for more information.

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Configuration samples

Desktop wallet download

The desktop wallet integrates the basic functions of EcoBall blockchain mining software, node synchronization,
assets management, blockchain browser. More functions will be gradually added in the
future. It is a basic tool for users to participate in EcoBall ecological construction and invest in making money.

It is suitable for miners to mine, validation node packaging transactions and block production, perform assets management and asset
allocation through computer desktops, and query block status and transaction records.

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Mobile Wallet Download

Mobile wallets only include assets management functions, which are used by users to query assets balances,
transfer and receive assets, and query wallet transactions.



FAMM decentralized exchange

Automatic market maker mechanism

Participate in the liquidity mining of DeFi projects

Solve the problem of impermanence loss through excellent algorithms

Liquidity providers can obtain stable fee income

Traders can get good arbitrage income at low cost

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Decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol

Realize the cross-chain of the underlying system of the mainstream blockchain

Token holders of different chains can provide liquidity

Automatic pricing based on trading pairs provided by liquidity

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