A next-gen blockchain solving the scalability trilemma

Ecoball is a fast, decentralized blockchain system empowering the decentralized financial, NFT and metaverse.
It securely connects most mainstream blockchains while offering ultra-fast and low-cost transactions.


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Secure, Decentralized, and Fast Networks

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Satisfy Dapps' thirst for high performance engine

Speed and fees no longer hinder the explosive growth of Dapps
Born to match with DeFi, offering CEX-like smooth experience
Rocket engine for NFT and GameFi, enjoy your moment with zero lag
Social, E-Commerce, IoT, more for you to discover…

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Ecoball news

In the press

  • 2018
    Research on white paper, official website launch and public chain architecture.
  • 2019
    Public chain bottom development.
  • First half of 2020
    Public chain development completed. Blockchain browser development. VPOS governance mechanism development.
  • Second half of 2020
    The development of blockchain browser is completed. The development of VPOS governance mechanism has been completed. Research on cross chain bridge.
  • First half of 2021
    Cross chain bridge development. Ecoball public chain joint commissioning and internal test 1.0 completed.
  • Second half of 2021
    The cross chain bridge link eth chain is completed. The public chain joint commissioning and cross chain overall test are completed. Ecoball public chain main network online.
  • First half of 2022
    Link other Ethereum series chains, decentralized exchanges, C2C transactions, NFT projects and other ecological extensions across the chain bridge.
  • Second half of 2022
    Docking ecology, games and other blockchain applications.
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