A Safe, Efficient And Open Blockchain Operating System

What is EcoBall ?

EcoBall is the first public blockchain in the industry to adopt a GPoW+XPoS hybrid consensus mechanism
Committed to providing a safe, fast, convenient and low-cost defi application platform
Fully compatible with evm, can seamlessly transplant all related defi ecological applications
But you can enjoy lower transaction fees and better user experience

Why EcoBall ?

How to EcoBall?

For miners
EcoBall has two main types of miners, one is GPoW miners and the other is XPoS miners. GPoW miners need to configure a graphics card mining machine and run EcoBall mining software to participate in mining and generate revenue. If you are a miner with a large number of mining machines, you can build your own mine or join an existing mine, which is convenient for enjoying lower electricity bills and professional operation and maintenance services. XPoS miners are validation nodes, who need to stake their ECO and get a certain number of ECO votes. For details, please refer to Mining.
For developers
Developers can build various applications on EcoBall, including entity industry applications and Defi applications. Due to compatibility with Evm, various applications that support Evm can be migrated smoothly, expanding their application scope and user groups. For details, please refer to the development documentation.
For investors
The native tokens ECO of the EcoBall blockchain have been launched on many exchanges, and investors can go to the exchanges to buy them according to their preferences. If you want to hold it for a long time, it is best to use the EcoBall digital asset wallet to manage your own assets. You can download it from the "Wallet" channel.
For business users
Business users are focused on how to build applications on the blockchain in order to leverage the features of the blockchain to transform their business models and gain a leading market advantage. See the various industry solutions for more information.

EcoBall technical architecture

GPoW consensus mechanism
EcoBall adopts the GPoW consensus mechanism, which is derived from the ProgPoW consensus algorithm. Miners all know that Ethereum uses the ETHash mining algorithm, but due to the low execution efficiency and Utilization Rate of the ETHash algorithm on the GPU, ProgPoW is modified on the basis of ETHash to increase the utilization of commercial GPUs as much as possible, and target the block the mining demand of the community are especially optimized for mainstream graphics cards, such as AMD's Polaris and Vega series graphics cards, and NVIDIA's Pascal series graphics cards.
XPoS consensus mechanism
The XPoS consensus mechanism selects the validation node through a vote of the token holder. Validation nodes validate transactions and generate blocks, greatly improving the efficiency of transaction validation, shortening block generation time, and improving the low efficiency of the POS consensus mechanism, as well as inadequate participation of token holders and vulnerability to "Noting-at-stake" and "long-range" attacks.
Smart contract platform
Smart contracts are codes that automatically process business logic on the blockchain, which can effectively reduce the cost of trust in business transactions, help promote the establishment and development of a new generation of business models, and provide important technical guarantees for humans to enter the intelligent era.
DAPP development
As a decentralized application platform, the EcoBall blockchain can carry a large number of decentralized applications, including the current hot decentralized finance (Defi). EcoBall provides a variety of programming interfaces for developers to develop DAPP, including RESTful APIs and SDKs for various major programming languages.


Mining software download

Mining software supports major operating systems.

Use graphics card to mine.All mining machines that support graphics card mining can be used.

Ordinary home computers can also be used.
Click To Download
Recommended miner configuration
CPU: Generally just fine

Hard Disk: Graphics card mining generally does not require a special hard disk, so choose a cheap 64GB SSD.

Graphics card: Try to choose a relatively new graphics card, in case of later not dug, but can sell value preservation. Either an NVIDIA graphics card or an AMD graphics card works.

Motherboard: Choose a multi-slot motherboard with 6 ~ 8 PCIe slots, more than 8 slots is not recommended, or select a special direct-plug motherboard.

Power: Power supply is very important, the main consideration is stability and power consumption.


Desktop wallet download

The desktop wallet integrates the basic functions of EcoBall blockchain mining software, node synchronization, assets management, blockchain browser. More functions will be gradually added in the future. It is a basic tool for users to participate in EcoBall ecological construction and invest in making money.

It is suitable for miners to mine, validation node packaging transactions and block production, perform assets management and asset allocation through computer desktops, and query block status and transaction records.

Mobile Wallet Download

Mobile wallets only include assets management functions, which are used by users to query assets balances, transfer and receive assets, and query wallet transactions.


FAMM decentralized exchange
Automatic market maker mechanism

Participate in the liquidity mining of DeFi projects

Solve the problem of impermanence loss through excellent algorithms

Liquidity providers can obtain stable fee income

Traders can get good arbitrage income at low cost

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Decentralized cross-chain exchange protocol
Realize the cross-chain of the underlying system of the mainstream blockchain

Token holders of different chains can provide liquidity

Automatic pricing based on trading pairs provided by liquidity

Traders can easily obtain their favorite assets at low cost

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