Mining Special Topic

This special topic introduces all the problems related to mining. Includes mining software download, installation, operation tutorials, mining machine configuration, revenue calculation, mining pool and other topics closely related to miners.


EcoBall is the underlying blockchain system that uses the GPoW+XPoS hybrid consensus mechanism. The GPoW consensus algorithm supports GPU mining. GPU mining is the core to ensure that the blockchain system is more open, fairer, more decentralized, allowing more people to participate. This can attract miners to actively participate in ecosystem construction and jointly maintain the security and stability of the blockchain network. To participate in EcoBall mining, miners need to configure their own mining machine, download the mining software, and then configure and run it. You can mine independently or join a mining pool.

Mining software

Miners can download mining software from here.

Mining machine configuration

Earnings calculator

Spark Mine Pool .

How to join the mining pool?

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