EcoBall wallet

This special topic introduces the knowledge of digital wallet. EcoBall wallets are the most important tool for managing assets on the chain. Users can check the list of assets, balance of assets, transfer money and receive money through the digital wallet. EcoBall wallets include desktop and mobile versions. The core basic functions of the wallet are the same, but there are some differences in the advanced functions.

EcoBall desktop wallet

In addition to the core asset management functions, the desktop wallet also integrates basic functions such as EcoBall blockchain mining software, node synchronization, and blockchain browser. More features may be added over time in the future. It is a basic tool for users to participate in EcoBall ecological construction and make money through investment.

It is suitable for mining, verifying node package transaction and block production, performing asset management and asset allocation through computer desktop, and querying block status and transaction records. It is generally used by professionals or institutional users.

Desktop wallet download address in [here] (

The desktop wallet supports Windows, Linux, MacOS operating systems. Please download the corresponding version.

EcoBall mobile wallet

The mobile wallet only contains asset management functions, which users can use to check asset balance, transfer and receive assets, and check wallet transactions.

It is suitable for ordinary users to use mobile phones to manage digital assets, and can be used anytime and anywhere, convenient and fast.

Mobile wallet download address in [here] (

The mobile wallet supports both Android and iOS operating systems. Please download the corresponding version.

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